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Armenia accuses Azerbaijan of ‘unspeakable atrocities’ at UNGA

In his address to the United Nations on Thursday, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan accused Azerbaijan of committing “unspeakable atrocities” during the latest clashes between the two rivals, including dismembering the bodies of dead soldiers.

The worst violence since a war in 2020 occurred last week when fighting broke out between the Caucasus republics, killing nearly 300 people.

“There is evidence of torture, mutilation of captured or already dead military personnel, extrajudicial killings and ill-treatment of Armenian prisoners of war, as well as degrading treatment of dead bodies,” he told the UN General Assembly.

“The bodies of Armenian female military personnel were mutilated, and then proudly videotaped by Azerbaijani troops with particular cruelty.”

Pashinyan said: “Undoubtedly, committing such unspeakable atrocities is a direct result of the decades-long policy of instilling anti-Armenian hatred and hatred in Azerbaijani society by the political leadership.”

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Additionally, he claimed that Azerbaijan shelled infrastructure and facilities for civilian use deep within its country’s borders, forcing more than 7,600 people to flee their homes and leaving three civilians dead and two missing.

Two wars between Armenia and Azerbaijan, one in the 1990s and the other in the 2020s, were fought over Nagorno-Karabakh, an area of ​​Azerbaijan that is home to Armenians.

In 2020, a six-week conflict that resulted in more than 6,500 deaths on both sides was halted by a ceasefire brokered by Russia.

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