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ALERT! Mysterious solar storm hits Earth; scientists baffled

When a solar storm hit Earth last weekend, scientists were confused about the cause of the impact. Here’s more about it.

Amid the growing risk of a solar flare explosion on the sun, a mysterious solar storm hit Earth at midnight on June 25, which continued throughout the next day.

Solar storms have been a common occurrence in the last few months due to the Sun being in the middle of the solar cycle. However, this solar storm has shocked scientists. They did not understand how it happened or where it came from.

Solar storms are caused by a coronal mass ejection (CME) that is set on the surface of the sun. According to the K-Index, which measures the magnetic field around the Earth, solar storms are divided into 5 categories from G-1 to G-5. The G-1 is the least impact solar G5 is given for the deadliest solar storms.

The solar storm on June 25 was strong enough to affect the power grid and caused a spectacular sky event known as Auroras, which lasted until June 29. Expert told the Sun, “Why forecasters aren’t sure. The main suspect is an unexpected CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) embedded in the solar wind. It also affected the power grid and caused minor power fluctuations.

Interestingly, this solar storm collided with another extremely rare event where the five major planets of our solar system – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – lined up to arrange the night sky.

The solar storm comes after NASA scientists revealed the risk of a solar explosion from a sunspot in the solar system. According to NASA, sunspots are dark regions of the solar surface where there is a strong magnetic field that is constantly moving and can form and spread. Duration of days or weeks. These occur when strong magnetic fields emerge through the solar surface and allow the area to cool somewhat.

This sunspot has the ability to emit M-class solar flames towards the earth which can cause physical damage. This can lead to blackout, GPS problems. However, if the solar storm is large enough, it could destroy all of the Earth’s technological infrastructure.

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