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Adam Carolla on Gavin Newsom’s latest hypocrisy: ‘Even he doesn’t believe anything he says’

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Comedian Adam Carolla joined “Hannity” on Wednesday to discuss California Governor Gavin News’ latest travel hypocrisy.

Adam Carolla: I live under the thumb of Gavin News. If I had lived with him, I would have committed suicide many years ago. Number one. Number two, let’s just really distract this down. There are travel bans against Montana because Montana is bad because of their location in the LGBT. They are probably not handed over Free sexual reassignment surgery All prisoners or something insane. But either way, let’s just break it down. Montana is a bad place because they treat the gay and lesbian community. Fine. So who cares who is paying for your trip, Gavin?

Gavin News’ Montana trip is the latest example of a law violation in his own state

Why go to a bad place? Why are you trying to be bad on a tech? You’re the one who said it’s a bad place, bad policy so don’t go fly-fishing then. Don’t go there. I mean, it was the same with French laundry, it was the same Sophie at the stadium where she is taking pictures With Magic Johnson with his mask in his hand. She doesn’t believe it, she’s a carpetbagger, she’s full of nonsense. He does not believe what he is saying. He doesn’t believe Kovid is dangerous, or that he won’t be out with his 31 closest friends Get K 40K worth of wine, And if he believes, he won’t be standing around Sophie Stadium wearing masks. He doesn’t believe it, he doesn’t believe Montana, he doesn’t believe what he says, and I don’t believe what he says.

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