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ACSF Appoints New Staff, Board of Governors

The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) has appointed Robert Ruffley to fill the newly created Director of Operations and announced several changes to its Board of Governors and Executive Committee.

Todd Weber, COO and head of security and services for Magellan Jets, will step down as chairman of ACSF’s Board of Governors, while Jesse Now, president of Grandview Aviation, replaces Weber as vice-chairman. In addition, John Bragan, President of USAIG, will replace Joe Salta as Treasurer.

In his new role, Rufli will be responsible for maintaining the ACSF security management system toolkit, which he helped develop and market in 2021, according to the agency. He will also support ACSF’s Industry Audit Standards and Aviation Safety Action programs, as well as ACSF’s programs, including the company’s Flight Data Monitoring Service.

ACSF President Brian Burns said he is satisfied that Ruffley, who was previously VP of Flight Operations and Operations Director of Pentaster Aviation, will lead such a critical set of agency functions. “Bob’s commitment to safety speaks for itself,” Burns noted. “We are extremely fortunate to have an aviation leader with such expertise in such an important role in our team.” While at Penster, Ruffley helped develop the company’s security management system.

Weber said of his appointment, “I am grateful for the opportunity to assume this leadership position and thank the Executive Committee, Board of Governors and Advisory Board for working together to continue ACSF’s strategic and inclusive approach to the future of aviation safety. “

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