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13 Best Minecraft Faction Servers In 2022

Playing with fiction plugins is a great way to gain Minecraft server experience. You can create a team or an army of players who share the same objectives as you. Create, farm and create a beautiful state inside the server. You can expand your groups and drive campaigns to other groups as well.

There are many things you can do together.

It’s not just a PVP or a battle royale but a huge range of player management to create a sustainable survival world where each person is tasked with turning a small village into a prosperous town or teaming up to loot another player’s wealth.

Contribute your time and energy together and create terrific factions. Also, defend your resources against other groups as there will be greedy groups who will expand their empire by campaigning in other villages and towns.

The best team server is Minecraft

You can find many interesting stories about battles between teams when intruders from one team steal assets and kill players from the other team.

Declaring war and fighting each other until death has become a norm among teams, but teams often stay together to create wealth and harvest because it takes less time and fun to meet new people when you are extremely helpful and help you on your journey. .




One of Minecraft’s largest team servers with all the necessary groups to contribute to various fields like build battles, sky battles, bed battles, dual battles and much more.

Team up with friends and embark on an epic journey to conquer the skies in Battlefield or fight global opponents in Build Battle. If anyone is interested in becoming a merchant at Hypixel, the server also has a trading business mechanism. There are hundreds of mini-games and over a million helpful Minecraft players so you won’t have any problems picking and getting started.

The funniest part is when you and your friends team up around the server to defeat the epic boss there are a lot of bosses who will put you on your toes. In addition to boss fights, there are also occasions when things are spicy and you take part in various activities.

Customize your gear with hundreds of new and unique armor and weapons. This is a huge community of Minecraft players on one server.

Massive craft



Massive Craft is a huge server where people can combine all mini-games and modes at once. Players can use their craft and weapons seamlessly from one portal to another.

Players can now claim their land and join friends. Using simple commands they can set their home span points so that players can teleport to their home base at any time. MassiveCraft has hundreds of features that are unique to any other function server. There is a huge range of player customizations including mob spawn, boss and items.




The server is best for players who want to pick and start action because there are server custom-made teams where players can join and start having fun.

Unlike other servers where you have to grind through games with friends to get and craft items, the MOXMC server will prepare you with the necessities to start your fight.

This server is great for beginner Minecraft players because there are cities with experienced people who welcome new players and give them the knowledge to play survival-based PVP combat.




With so many quests, battles, land claims and seasons, players have to invest their hours in the vast and competitive world of Archon. One of the best teams with serious and aggressive players who are skilled enough to create magical items and craft.

The real-life rewards offered by the server each season mean the reason for such competition. The server also hosts various games and events where each winning team receives a cash prize inside the server.

Fiction Server is famous because its magic mode is unique from the game. As a fantasy server, the game maintains its magic with a mana system where each magical weapon, spell and power mana surrounds the cost and expense.


Mana Cube


Mana Cube has consistently provided the best quality service to date. Team Server welcomes players who can form a group and then participate in various activities hosted by the server.

Mana Cube keeps the server fresh by introducing various new features in each update.

With its weekly events, games and groups to help each other, players can find communities that add new members to help their group grow and compete with others.

You can claim your land in five different dimensions where you can collect and mine each unique resource found in these dimensions.

Stealing life



This team server is like being thrown into a world of heavily altered maps where you have to not only survive but improve to defeat all in-game masters. Find hidden privacy, loot and treasure on Lifestyle Fashion Server. Basically, it is SMP with a revised map.

One thing you need to do immediately is to form a team or join another team because long time players with strong weapons and armor will easily defeat you in the opening round. Having a team will help you protect your equipment and resources. As you fight alongside them they will help you progress through the game.



IP: Java:

IP: Bedrock:

It has a wide range of games that you can enjoy with your friends. It has a variety of modes in the game from booster to magic or you can create unique items to spice up PvP battles.

What’s even more amazing is that you can also plate Opblock in Bedrock versions. Console players now have a variety of games to choose from. You can enter several modes to play or create your search for your friends to play. With its infinite leveling system and seasonal changes, there are a variety of things to offer new and old players in new and opiblocks.




Snapcraft builds its servers in simple but unique ways. Things like building relationships with other players, one-person factions and claiming land anywhere are many more, including its features that make the game exciting to play.

You can custom create your own maps and organize PvP battles by inviting players from the server. The good thing about Snapcraft is that you can do single plates in one vs. one field battle. This makes the fight intense and reliable because you don’t have to rely on your team just to help them escape in desperate times.

With so many modes of creativity, you can create what you can imagine and invite your friends to survive in your creation.

Mainland Network



The Mainland Network provides thousands of games that you can access through its central hub. As the name suggests, Server is a network of thousands of games that will keep you busy and entertained for hours on end. From bed battles and sky blocks to lucky block modes, it has almost every mode game we’ve found inside of Minecraft verses.

You can build your team and join thousands of games to grow together. The game also provides financial arrangements including business and purchase of unique items. Like RoboLux where developers create their own games and upload them to their servers, Mainland also has the feature to create their own games and developers can place it on a central network where other players can access and enjoy their creations.

Lemon cloud

Lemon cloud


With its constant updates and services, Lemon Cloud occupies a high position among dedicated servers.

With its OP (Operator Status) based team. Players can now use various command functions provided by the server such as changing game mode, weather, time etc. Lemon Cloud constantly updates its servers with new content.

With bed warfare and sky warfare that have become essential for any competitive server, Lemon Cloud provides users with other content such as OP Prison, OP Creative Build, Survival Rest and much more.

Pika Network



Welcome to Pika Network. Here you will find friendly players, staff and administrators who will help you get acquainted with Pika Network Server. Like the Mainland network, Pika hosts several games inside the network.

Survive with Skyblock where you have to expand your island, build great homes and be the best player among the best. Skyward, you can show your sword as well as bow skills and become the most powerful player. The Prison Server has RPG elements where you can dig and rank, claim plots and build, and explore a new world when you reach free rank. And also check out what the other players have created.

In all server game mode, you are going to see builds that go beyond the imagination of the server builders.




There are lots of players online in the network and you can find friendly players to build and go on adventures.

There are new abilities including more advanced gameplay mechanics, armor sets, weapons, drugs and much more that balance the game with high-powered equipment and abilities. Competition is high and sometimes it’s quite frustrating when other players are buying great things. If you are here to relax by building, crafting and farming without being competitive, then this fiction server may not be for you.

But if you want to be the best from the best. Building automated farms and building machines then the Jartex network will provide you with everything you need.

Purple prison



The most popular jail server with new features and acquisition plugins. Although it is called Purple Jail and the game focuses more on jail-based servers, its game mode is the same on all servers, including machine and gameplay factions.

One of the unique and best things about Purple Prison is its economic-based management. Everything is managed from auctions, trades, and item transactions. You can also turn off PvP mode and enjoy Minecraft’s peaceful way.

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